expert opinion
on quality
and potential

Participant? Prepare yourself effectively.

An assessment gives you insight into your qualities and potential

Innovative approach

We identify and evaluate new insights and knowledge, while developing our own tests and methods. We continually strive for further improvement and innovation, in close cooperation with leading universities.

Dedicated team

LTP works with a team of experienced business psychologists, economists, HR- and business experts, providing you with the best possible insights and advice with the goal of improving the performance of your employees and/or organisation.

International network

We work closely together with our international partners, providing quality services to internationally operating organisations.

Long history

LTP is a leading HR services company that exists since 1927. With 100 employees, we work for a large group of customers where a large part of the top Dutch companies is represented.

Objective analyses

We perform objective analyses and provide solid advice and recommendations to improve the performance of people, teams and organization. We deliver proactive and committed input for flexible and tailor-made solutions. After all, each situation is unique.

Satisfied clients

We advise companies, government entities and institutions. For many of our clients, we have been providing services for several years in enduring relations.